Loons and lager, ducks on draft: Birders, brewers form flock

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In the worlds of birders and craft beer lovers, the new paradigm is to enjoy an ale along with the eagles.

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Tours and events aimed at attracting beer lovers and bird enthusiasts are popping up across the country. They attract bearded microbrew lovers, field-guide-wielding bird buffs and folks with a passion for both suds and sparrows.

Beer and bird hobbyists say they are united by their mutual love of minutiae, rarity and variety. Bird-and-beer happenings have taken place in locales as disparate as Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Hampton, New Hampshire.

Typically, they begin with a hike and end at a brewery. One of the more successful tours is "Birds On Tap Roadtrip," located in beer-loving, bird-rich Maine.

Loyalists agree there's no harm in having a lager among the loons.