Looking for a summer job? These states have the best opportunities

There are almost 50,000 summer jobs available across America for part-time and student employees, with most of the opportunities in California, followed by New York and Texas according to job search engine Adzuna.

Adzuna conducted research in May analyzing this year’s seasonal job opportunities and found that there were 46,653 summer jobs still available after Memorial Day.

The most jobs were available in California, New York, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania, while the top paying jobs were in Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The top five states for short-term jobs account for about 30% of all the opportunities across the country. Even though Massachusetts ranked as one of the states with the highest-paying jobs, there were not too many opportunities – with Virginia, Michigan and Massachusetts combined having only 3,700 open roles at the time the research was conducted.

Most of the open roles were in teaching. The highest-paid opportunities were those in temporary health care and nursing roles, where workers can earn up to $378 per day.

Those looking for a job in Massachusetts earn the equivalent of $76,000 per year over the summer season. New York and Florida followed closely behind, where workers could earn the equivalent of $75,593 and $75,248, respectively. Then there is a big drop to Pennsylvania, where the average salaries are the equivalent of $32,372 and then Ohio where the average salary is the equivalent of $21,911 per year.