London or Paris? United Airlines’ $10,000 voucher makes these dream vacations possible

It may seem impossible, but United Airlines gave one traveler a $10,000 travel voucher for bumping her off the flight due to a broken seat.

In the case of an oversold flight, airlines will kick off the lowest fare passenger, unless there is a volunteer. In this case, when no one jumped at the $1,000 travel credit, Allison Preiss, who was the lowest fare passenger on a flight to Austin, Texas, from Washington, D.C., was bumped.

Eventually she got a $10,000 travel voucher from the carrier. She tweeted a play-by-play, even providing a picture of the $10,000 travel credit voucher provided by the airline for bumping her.

While Preiss may have preferred cash, here are five trips she can now take – at no cost.


A popular spring break destination, flights on United from New York at the time this article was published were about $350, and a first-class ticket was $977. This means that Preiss could take nine friends or family members, first-class, to the tropical destination. Or, if she wants to bring a large entourage, she could get 28 round-trip tickets to Cancun.


A first-class ticket to Paris could be out of the question – but flying coach costs about $3,400. This means she could take one person to the City of Lights and still have some leftover credits for a domestic trip, perhaps a few flights to Cancun in the winter.


First-class tickets to Rome are also above the $10,000 credit, but if Preiss wants to shell out about $2,000 on top of the $10,000 travel voucher, then she could be on her way. Or, two coach tickets from the East Coast of the U.S. are within reach.


Another popular vacation spot for Americans is the Bahamas. A flight to the tropical location from New York City runs about $500 coach or almost $2,500 if seated in the first-class cabin. Depending on how many friends and family she would like to take with her, she could either cover 19 trips or our first-class trips.


If she fancies a trip to the royal wedding? With her $10,000 travel voucher Preiss and three friends could be on their way.