Livingston Awards honor work of younger journalists

Young journalists who wrote about economic despair in Appalachia, covered mass killings in Syria and put a human face on immigration policy have been named winners of Livingston Awards.

The $10,000 awards are intended to encourage journalists younger than 35.

Claire Galofaro (gal-uh-FEHR'-oh) of The Associated Press was cited for her portrait of a rural landscape on the brink of extinction called "Surviving Appalachia." She is 34 and based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Brooke Jarvis of The California Sunday Magazine was honored for a narrative about an unidentified migrant, bed-bound in a San Diego hospital for 16 years. Jarvis is 32.

Ben Taub of The New Yorker won for reporting on mass torture and killings in Syria. He is 25.

The late Gwen Ifill (EYE'-fihl) was honored with the Richard M. Clurman Award for on-the-job mentoring.