Lava flow stops after covering 2 wells at geothermal plant

Lava from the Kilauea volcano oozed over two wells at a geothermal power plant on Hawaii's Big Island, but county officials say the flow has stopped.

Officials say there was no release of any dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas after lava crept over the plugged wells Sunday.

Some feared a breach if lava penetrated the well shafts that tap steam and hot water to make electricity. Both wells were closed and secured in anticipation of the lava flow.

The plant, Puna Geothermal, lies on the southeast flank of the volcano, nestled between residential neighborhoods. It was shut down shortly after Kilauea began spewing lava May 3.

Officials earlier this month removed 50,000 gallons (189,265 liters) of a flammable gas called pentane from the plant to reduce the chance of explosions.