Lasting Market Impacts From The Paris Attacks

Citi believes that the lasting market impacts from the attack could stem from a ramp-up in anti-terrorist military action. Furthermore, Citi believes that commodity prices could also be negatively affected by the attacks.

While there hasnt been much of a knee-jerk reaction to the Paris terrorist attacks so far in global equity markets, Citi Research analysts believe that the attacks could have meaningful long-term political and economic impacts.

Heres a breakdown of what Citi recently had to say about the fallout from the attacks.

U.S. Markets Resilient

In the past, the U.S. markets have typically rebounded quickly following geopolitical events that happen outside the United States. In a strange way, the world has become far too complacent about these kinds of calamities amidst other major risks, analyst Tobias Levkovich explained.

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Lasting Impact

Aside from any short-term jitters in global markets, Levkovich sees the potential for retaliatory moves against ISIS to pressure commodity prices as the dollar strengthens against the euro. A ramp up in military action against ISIS would likely be bullish for defense stocks and bearish for energy and materials stocks.

Risk On The Rise

Citi analyst Tina Fordham believes that the risk of further attacks by ISIS has also grown. With this in mind, we have upgraded the risk of terrorist attacks not only in the Middle East but also in the West, as well as the likelihood of increased international military intervention in IS(IS) strongholds in Syria, Iraq and Libya, she explained.

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