LA photo art exhibition brings Rosie the Riveter era of WWII women workers into modern times

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Her male colleagues jokingly call Ami Rasmussen a forewoman. She jokes right back that she's really a fivewoman.

That's because when it comes to building trains Rasmussen says she can do the work of five men.

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The foreman at a California plant that produces rail cars is one of 15 women recently photographed by Pulitzer Prize-winner Deanne Fitzmaurice for the exhibition "Women Can Build" at Los Angeles' Union Station.

The photos of women building trains, buses and trolleys are juxtaposed against 25 historic photos of World War II-era "Rosie the Riveters."

Rosie is of course the catchall name for the women who kept American manufacturing running while their male counterparts were fighting the war.

The exhibition seeks to show that 70 years later women are still building America.