Kodak jumps on bitcoin craze with its own digital currency

Wag Labs, a popular dog-walking app, inadvertently exposed webpages showing customer information including addresses and lockbox codes that could have helped thieves to break into homes.

It isn't clear how long the pages were accessible but they were taken down. It also isn't clear how many customers' information was seen. The company says there are no signs that customer information was accessed by hackers or thieves, or that any customers' homes were broken into.

By 2020, more than 1,000 factory jobs will return to a manufacturing plant based in Newberry, South Carolina, thanks to Samsung. Six months ago, Samsung announced hiring 500 people to make new washing machines at the Newberry plant. The plant hopes to be up and running this month.

Kodak said it would be getting into digital-currency with plans to launch an initial coin offering. ‘KodakCoin’ as it's being called, is the new platform that will help photographers license their work and track the unlicensed use of their images. The coin uses the technology behind bitcoin, called blockchain, to keep a digital ledger of the photographs.