Know Before the Bell: Wall Street Jitters and Millennials’ Spending Habits

By StocksFOXBusiness

What are your college-aged kids spending their money on? A new study revealed what millennials are buying, and jitters return to Wall Street.

The Federal Reserve said it was in no rush to raise interest rates, but the central bank did show concerns about slack in the job market. Meanwhile, Argentina defaults on its debt for the second time in thirteen years. That has investors worried this morning.

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As Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) gets ready to play in Samsung’s court by launching a larger iPhone, Samsung says its second-quarter profit fell for the first time in almost three years.

Good news: We’re borrowing less for college. Sallie Mae says American families borrowed only 22% of the cost of college last year, down from 27% in the prior two years.

For $12 a month, Sprint’s selling a wireless data plan that lets you connect with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. But only one. The move comes as carriers experiment with ways to make wireless Internet more affordable.

A new report says millennials spend their money on coffee, booze and fast food. Young adults on the East Coast drop the most cash on liquor and coffee. Those in Maine and Massachusetts spend about $300 a year on caffeine, while folks in the South like their fast food. Oklahoma and Kansas millennials are shelling out more than $1,000 a year.

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