Keurig layoffs hit hard in Vermont town still rebuilding after Irene's flooding in 2011

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For years, Keurig Green Mountain provided well-paying, stable employment in Vermont, but the company has announced that the bulk of its layoffs nationwide will be in the state, and many will come from Waterbury, which is still rebuilding from Tropical Storm Irene and the loss of about 1,100 jobs four years ago.

Local residents recognize the company's business fortunes are beyond their control.

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On Thursday, Keurig announced that about 200 of the 330 layoffs nationwide will be in Vermont, many from Waterbury.

State Rep. Tom Stevens says Keurig jobs helped Waterbury survive economically after Irene hit in 2011.

Reconstruction of the Waterbury state office complex is nearing completion, and up to 800 state employees are due to begin returning before the end of the year.