Kathy Ireland Worldwide will remain a private company: Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland transitioned from a successful model to the CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, a company with an estimated $2.6 billion in retail sales.

Ireland discussed the secret to the company’s success, telling the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria, “Continued growth, Maria, watching you, you’re a disruptor of Wall Street and watching you navigate your career, so you know what that is, but it’s really, it’s listening to the customer, it’s anticipating the changes.”

According to Ireland, the company’s success has given rise to questions of whether there is an IPO in the future.

“People have asked me, will you take Kathy Ireland Worldwide public? I don’t have the education to do that.”

Bartiromo added that bureaucratic issues often accompany a public firm. Ireland agreed, preferring to focus on the branding.

“There certainly is and I won’t do it in a titular sense. I do know something about brand building, we’ve been doing it for 25 years.”

Ireland reiterated plans for the company to remain private.

“Kathy Ireland Worldwide will remain a private company, I enjoy the privacy of that.”

However, the company is considering an IPO of its Level Brands.

“Level Brands we’re in the testing the water phase of our Reg A+ IPO. I love Reg A+ because I really believe it’s the democratization of Wall Street for Main Street, it really makes it possible for more people to get involved, we spent a lot of time mentoring entrepreneurs and this is an empowering way for people to have an opportunity.”