Kallstrom: The People Should Be Mad at the Democrats

FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress last Friday, saying that the FBI has discovered additional emails that were linked to the Clinton email investigation and that the FBI needed to continue it’s investigation. Investigators recovered up to 650,000 emails on a laptop, that supposedly belonged to former Rep. Anthony Weiner.

During a rally, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that Comey had a lot of guts for further investigating the Clinton case and that he was bringing back his reputation.

“I was very surprised when I heard about Director Comey writing the letter, I think he is on the right path there. I think when the FBI gets notified of criminality, they have to look at it. You don’t put it off, you deal with it, but I think something had to be said to Director Comey that was pretty substantial,” Former FBI Assistant James Kallstrom told the FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs.

Kallstrom said that the people running the Justice Department are to blame for not stopping the Clintons ‘corruption’.

“But the Justice shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation and look at that outrageous sewer that is. One example, Haiti...they collected hundreds of millions of dollars and virtually none of it went to Haiti,” he said.

Kallstrom also said that the American people should be angry at the Democrats for electing Clinton as their nominee.

“The people should be mad at the Democrats, they caused all of this. They put someone [Hillary Clinton] as their candidate, who came with a long trail of lies and betrayals of the rule of law,” he said.