Jurors in Minnesota resume deliberations in case alleging defect in Camry caused fatal crash

A jury in Minneapolis has resumed deliberations in a case that alleges the 1996 Toyota Camry had a design defect that caused a fatal crash.

Jurors got the case late Wednesday afternoon and deliberated for three full days without reaching a verdict. They were back at it on Tuesday morning.

The plaintiffs include crash victims and Koua (KOO'-uh) Fong Lee, who says he tried to stop his 1996 Camry before crashing into another vehicle in St. Paul in 2006.

Lee was convicted of vehicular homicide and sent to prison. He was released after reports surfaced that suggested some Toyota cars had sudden acceleration problems.

The jurors must decide whether the design of the 1996 Toyota Camry had an unreasonably dangerous defect, and if so, whether it caused the crash.