Jaguar XE is British carmaker's renewed bid to break into compact executive sedan market

AutoAssociated Press

Jaguar's new XE premium sports sedan is the British carmaker's big unveiling in Paris. Jaguar says it has redesigned the vehicle from scratch, and is hoping it will help it crack the market for comparably sized BMWs, Audis and Mercedes that the previous X-type failed to do.

INSIDE: Connectivity abounds, centered on an eight-inch touch screen panel with onboard Wi-Fi. Smartphones connect to control functions like air conditioning, locking/unlocking and starting the engine.

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OUTSIDE: Jaguar says it has worked hard to improve the looks on the XE compared with its underwhelming X-type predecessor, which never sold as many as hoped. The car features 75 percent aluminum on its surface, with just some steel in the rear. The design took inspiration from the F-Type, and Jaguar describes it as "sinuous, visceral, ready to pounce."

UNDER THE HOOD: A super-charged V6 engine goes from zero to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, Jaguar says. Other versions with 2.0 liter, four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engine options will also be offerd.

GAS MILAGE: Jaguar says the XE will get 75 miles per gallon.

CHEERS: Bang for your buck with an expected price of $43,500.

JEERS: Despite Jaguar's effort to make the car unmistakably one of its own, the profile could pass for any of a number of compact executive sedans.