Investors Stick With Health Care Stocks

Investors tend to stick with what works.  Perhaps that explains why they continue to flock to health care stocks.  The sector was second-best performer in 2013, rallying 38.7%, and early into 2014 it’s already in the No. 1 spot with a 1.7% gain.

Health care is also a winner today, helping to lift the market out of a morning slump.  Of the 55 health care names in the S&P 500, 17 stocks, or about one-third, are touching all-time highs. They include insurers (NYSE:AET) and (NYSE:CI), along with a slew of equipment makers, among them (NYSE:STJ), (NYSE:ZMH), (NYSE:COV), (NYSE:VAR) and (NYSE:SYK).  Here’s a list:

S&P 500: Health Care Record Highs