Investors Stick With Health Care Stocks

By StocksFOXBusiness

Investors tend to stick with what works.  Perhaps that explains why they continue to flock to health care stocks.  The sector was second-best performer in 2013, rallying 38.7%, and early into 2014 it’s already in the No. 1 spot with a 1.7% gain.

Health care is also a winner today, helping to lift the market out of a morning slump.  Of the 55 health care names in the S&P 500, 17 stocks, or about one-third, are touching all-time highs. They include insurers (NYSE:AET) and (NYSE:CI), along with a slew of equipment makers, among them (NYSE:STJ), (NYSE:ZMH), (NYSE:COV), (NYSE:VAR) and (NYSE:SYK).  Here’s a list:

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S&P 500: Health Care Record Highs

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