Invest in What You Know: Pizza

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Outside of lame attempts at stuffing crusts and adding novel-but-barely edible toppings, pizza has been undisrupted in the last century. That ends now.

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Remember, Chipotle didn't invent the burrito. It just disrupted it. And its success made early-stage investors rich. Park Slope Pizza Society is the next hot fast-casual dining concept, and we need your help to fund our expansion beyond the Sheboygan, Wisconsin metropolitan area. Here are just a few of the things we're doing:

  • Quality: Good pizza takes a good long time. Forget 30 minutes or less -- we don't even start on your pizza within 30 minutes! This gives our sauciers and crustaceans time to marinate on making a pie that's custom-built to your tastes.
  • Simplicity: Our pizzas just work. We ensure superior, elegant quality by limiting our ingredients. For example, we exclusively craft cheese pies. Our pizza literally can't be topped!
  • Cleanliness: Since inception, we've passed the majority of our health inspections.
  • Self-Delivery: We put you in the driver's seat. For just $1 per item, you personally execute the logistics of delivering your pie from pickup to plate.
  • Variable pricing: Like the best airlines and hotels, we vary pricing on factors such as time of day, channel, prior transaction data, and imputed willingness to pay. Prices range from $30 to $85 per pie for non-Tesla, non-Prius owners. While our methodology is a trade secret, our pizza ambassadors will make the process seamless.

Click the heart if you're excited about our business and look forward to watching it grow into a national chain!

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