In final numbers, 'Ouija' scares 'Nightcrawler' to claim No. 1 spot at weekend box office

Ahead of Election Day, Hollywood had its own version of a recount with "Ouija" squeaking past "Nightcrawler" to belatedly claim the top spot at the box office in final tallies.

After estimates Sunday had the two films in a virtual dead heat with $10.9 million each, actual receipts on Monday confirmed "Ouija" narrowly surpassed "Nightcrawler." The supernatural thriller earned $10.7 million in its second weekend, while the Jake Gyllenhaal noir took in $10.4 million.

The slim margin gave Universal's "Ouija" its second straight weekend atop the box office. The low-budget board game-adaptation has made $34.8 million in two weeks.