Impossible Burger to sell in grocery stores at select locations

Impossible Foods, maker of meatless plant-based burger, is launching in grocery stores.

The California-based company, a competitor of Beyond Meat, will sell its namesake Impossible Burger in 27 Gelson's Markets grocery stores in Southern California on Friday. The alternative meat company says it will roll out in more gorcery stores on the East Coast at the end of the month, and nationwide everywhere by next year.

The Impossible Burger is on menus in more than 17,000 restaurants, including Burger King and White Castle. Now, consumers will be able to grill up the plant-based patty, that bleeds like real meat, at home.

“Three years ago we introduced plant-based meat to top chefs in America’s most important restaurants. They consistently told us that the Impossible Burger blew them away,” said Impossible Foods’ CEO and Founder Dr. Patrick O. Brown said in a statement. “We can’t wait for home cooks to experience the magic -- whether using Impossible Burger in their family favorites or inventing new recipes that go viral.”

The Impossible Burger will cost $8.99 at Gelson’s Markets, available in the meat cases, both fresh and frozen.

Retail sales of plant-based foods, such as alternative meats and dairy products like milk, eggs and ice are typically made without animal products from ingredients like vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes.

The market has grown 11 percent in the past year, bringing the total plant-based market value to $4.5 billion, according to the Plant Based Foods Association.

Beyond Meat, meanwhile, is already available in Whole Foods, and its plant-based meat is served at fast food restaurants like  Carl’s Jr., Subway with meatballs, and its working with KFC on its plant-based "chicken."

Impossible Foods already has a presence globally with products in Hong Kong and Macau. It also ships to 450 restaurants in Asia.