If Carl Icahn's Transocean Stake Is Intact, He'd Be Down Another $44.5 Million This Year

Has Carl Icahn had enough of Transocean Inc.'s stock yet? Regulatory filings show that Icahn owned the same number of Transocean shares -- 21,477,900 -- from the end of June 2013 through at least the end of 2014. During that time, the stock tumbled 62%, slashing the value of Icahn's investment by $636.2 million to $393.7 million from $1.03 billion. So far this year, the stock has lost 11%, so if his holdings remain the same, he'd be down another $44.5 million. On Monday alone, the stock's 4.4% drop would have cost him about $16.1 million. Through Dec. 31, Icahn was Transocean's fourth-largest shareholder, with about 5.9% of the company's shares outstanding. Icahn isn't required to disclose his holdings through March 31, until mid May. Back in November 2013, Icahn successfully pushed Transocean to agree to raise its annual dividend, to $3 a share from $2.24 a share, at its May 2014 annual meeting. That $16.3 million annual payoff might not seem so enticing anymore.

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