Howard Schultz: Lawsuit over texts to promote book meritless

A Florida woman is suing former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz after she says she and others on the national do-not-call list got automated text messages promoting his book tour. Schultz's spokeswoman says the allegations are false.

Schultz is considering an independent bid for president and launched a tour in January for his latest book, "From the Ground Up."

Cassandra Vallianos of Sunrise, Florida, says even though she's on the no-call list, she received two unsolicited text messages promoting his appearance in Miami. Vallianos says she believes she and other voters were targeted if their registrations didn't list a party preference.

Schultz spokeswoman Erin McPike on Monday called the lawsuit meritless. She said no automated messages were sent without consent and that efforts to promote the tour complied with the law.