How Tesla Motors' Latest Lawsuit Could Transform Auto Sales

A Tesla Motors store in California. A new lawsuit could give Tesla -- and other automakers -- the right to sell directly to consumers throughout the U.S. Image source: Tesla Motors.

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The latest move in Tesla Motors' (NASDAQ: TSLA) aggressive efforts to win the right to sell cars directly to customers? A push onto the Detroit giants' home turf -- with a new twist, one that could finally bring about the "disruption" long sought by the upstart Silicon Valley automaker.

Tesla is suing Michigan, but with a new twist

Tesla filed suit against the State of Michigan this past week, seeking to overturn the state's ban on direct sales by automakers. It's not unlike the suits that Tesla has filed in other states, seeking the right to sell its innovative electric cars through its website -- except that this time, Tesla filed the case in federal court, in hopes of getting a decision that could be applied across the country.

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