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Home Depot Hack Worse than Thought?

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It was another day of triple-digit losses Tuesday for the Dow, after airstrikes against militants in Syria left investors looking for some relief. The Home Depot (NYSE:HD) hack: much worse than we thought. Banks across the country say fraudulent transactions are popping up all over. In some cases, draining cash from customer bank accounts. According to the company, 56 million cards were exposed in the breach. And here is an unusual way to say Merry Christmas. Spirit Airlines is charging $2 extra for checked bags on flights between December 18th and January 5th. It's encouraging fliers to pack lighter over the holidays. Big blow to Detroit: Cadillac is shifting its headquarters to New York City next year to better compete with luxury rivals BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Lexus. Cadillac thinks if its marketing team is closer to where its ideal buyers are, it will better understand them. More than four in 10 people have downloaded Apple's new operating system. One analytics firm says iOS 8 is causing some popular apps to crash more, or about 3.3% of the time. If you bought the bigger iPhone (the 6 Plus) and if fits in your pocket, be careful when you sit down.  Users are complaining the phones are bending.

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