Herman Cain's Life an Inspiration

Herman Cain has been attacked by a lot of liberals who think that somehow it's just not right for a black man to be a conservative. But the latest attack shows how self-serving these attacks really are.

It comes from a bunch of 1960s activists claiming that Cain hasn't done enough for black people.

Here's former NAACP leader Julian Bond:

"I am not aware of anything Herman Cain has done to uplift black people specifically."

Unbelievable. He's talking about a man whose entire life has been an inspiration..a man who rose up from humble origins to become a mathematician for Navy intelligence, a board member of the Federal Reserve, and a world-class entrepreneur.

The last accomplishment is particularly notable because Godfather's Pizza employed and empowered thousands of black Americans to work and become owners of their own businesses. And yet because Cain doesn't endorse liberal policies that have made a lot of civil rights leaders rich -- but have done little to lift black Americans out of poverty -- he's called uninspiring, or worse.

Last week I asked famed economist Tom Sowell who offers a more inspiring story for young Americans, President Obama or Herman Cain.

Here's his answer:

"Oh Herman Cain, because he actually worked and did something. On the one hand you have Barack Obama, who had a privileged upbringing and who never really had responsibility for anything before he was suddenly President of the United States. On the other, you have Herman Cain, who grew up in a low-income family and worked his own way up and actually had to run things."

There’s certainly no doubt that an African-American president is an inspiration to millions. But no less inspiring is the life story of Herman Cain, whose solid American values of individual initiative and self reliance are an inspiration to all.