Hawaiian, Alaska and Delta top latest on-time rankings

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Here are the government's rankings of the leading U.S. airlines and their on-time performance for December. The federal government counts a flight as on time if it arrives no more than 14 minutes behind the scheduled time.

1. Hawaiian Airlines, 85.1 percent

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2. Delta Air Lines, 81.4 percent

3. American Airlines, 79.1 percent

4. Alaska Airlines, 76.1 percent

5. United Airlines, 76.0 percent

6. Southwest Airlines, 74.9 percent

7. ExpressJet, 73.5 percent

8. Spirit Airlines, 72.1 percent

9. JetBlue Airways, 71.3 percent

10. SkyWest, 69.8 percent

11. Virgin America, 68.3 percent

12. Frontier Airlines, 62.4 percent

Total for all covered airlines: 75.6 percent


Source: U.S. Department of Transportation

The report does not cover smaller airlines including Allegiant Air and some regional carriers.