Greek PM: Debt buy back procedure went "very well"


Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on Sunday during a trip to the southern German state of Bavaria a Greek debt buy back that forms part of its international bail out had gone "very well".

Asked during a press conference whether Greece's buy back of bonds with a face value of about 30 billion euros had run smoothly, Samaras said: "the procedure went very well."

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By Monday or Tuesday he would be able to say "with great certainty" that the process had done well, he added.

A deadline for bondholders to submit offers expired on Friday. A Greek government official said on Saturday that Athens had received offers of about 30 billion euros.

On Sunday three Greek officials close to the proceedings told Reuters the invitation to bond holders might be renewed on Monday to top up the offers already received.

"It's possible," a senior government official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

(Reporting by Irene Preisinger; writing by Alexandra Hudson)