Governor issues waiver to allow Massachusetts' 1st marijuana dispensary to open under 2012 law

Associated Press

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has issued a one-time, temporary waiver aimed at helping the state's first marijuana dispensary begin selling pot for medicinal purposes.

The waiver applies to Alternative Therapy Group of Salem.

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Under regulations adopted by Massachusetts, samples of medicinal marijuana must be examined for cannabinoids, solvents, mycotoxins and other microbiological contaminants along with heavy metals and pesticides.

Alternative Therapy Group submitted samples, but labs in Massachusetts were unable to test for seven of the 18 mandated pesticides.

The waiver allows Alternative Therapy Group to sell marijuana for medical use with a label that discloses to consumers the chemicals that were not tested.

Baker says patients have waited too long. Voters approved the new law in 2012.

According to its website, Alternative Therapy Group hopes to open this summer.