Google named most exciting US company for employees: survey

Google is the most exciting company to work for in America, according to results of a SurveyMonkey analysis of Fortune 500 companies.

The tech giant and its parent company, Alphabet, were particularly popular among millennials and prospective employees who value a company’s perceived stability, the survey found. Google unseated Microsoft to earn the top spot after placing third in last year’s survey.

Alphabet earned more than $110 billion in total revenue in fiscal 2017. The company, which owns both Google and YouTube, employed more than 85,000 people as of its last earnings report in April.

Microsoft ranked just behind Google as the second most exciting place to work in the U.S. Like Alphabet, Microsoft scored highly among millennials and employees valuing stability.

Rounding out the top five was Boeing, which ranked third; Apple, which ranked fourth; and Disney, which ranked fifth.

Tech companies accounted for five of the top 10 most exciting U.S. companies, according to the survey. General Electric jumped from 27th to 8th on this year’s list, even as the company contends with sagging revenues and a recent exit from the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The United Parcel Service outranked all other companies in terms of perceived positive impact on the U.S. By the same measure, Boeing earned the top spot among Republicans, while Microsoft ranked highest among Democrats.

SurveyMonkey compiled its results after an online survey of 19,860 adult Americans who were randomly selected among the site’s three million daily users.