Good Time to Buy Twitter Stock?

Let's add a little spice to that portfolio. Let's talk about -- Twitter (NYSE:TWTR).

Last year, when the stock was getting absolutely annihilated, I loaded up at $30. I let it go to $50, and it's pulled back. I said to myself, if it pulls back to the point where I think it's going to make the next leg up, I want to share it with the audience.

A lot of these tech names last year saw a lot of insider selling -- 35 insider sales (a million shares). That rubs people the wrong way. But more than anything else, it feels like the CEO is a weird dude who just might be missing a gigantic opportunity, which reminds me of some of the big tech names of 1999 and 2000.

Nevertheless, I still like where they're going. I like the opportunity -- technically it's right around that 50-day moving average that Matt McCall loves to talk about. It breaks out thru $41 -- I'm looking for it to go back up to $50. I think I can put a sell ticket on this at $70.