Good Time to Buy Restoration Hardware?

Let’s talk about Restoration Hardware (NYSE:RH).

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For those of you who have watched FOX Business Network for at least the last three years, you’ve heard me talk about this one. You saw me come out with the catalogue and drop it on the floor.  Everybody else did it after me. I was the first to do it because I shop there. I know the company very well.

And you need to see the chart (watch the video above). The pullback? That was after a huge spike -- you’re going to see that on a longer-term chart. That last big spike was after an amazing earnings report. The pullback has given us an opportunity to get back in there.  Fiscal year ‘15 numbers are going up.

Some people may argue that it’s a little bit expensive, but I think it’s going to move right now to $95 - ultimately north of $100.

There’s a fairly large short position on it. I’m not sure why they don’t like it. But if you get the short squeeze, we could get another good number. So I think it’s a good investment here, not necessarily for a trade, but certainly for a long-term investor.

I will caution, it is slightly more volatile than the overall market.DISCLOSURES