GM's Chevy Bolt Beats Tesla's Model S In Consumer Reports' Range Test

General Motors Co. Chevrolet Bolt has set the mark for an all-electric vehicle range in Consumer Reports' testing, reaching 250 miles on a single charge, the magazine said Thursday. The Bolt is estimated to go 238 miles between charges. "In our testing, electric vehicles tend to fall short of their EPA-estimated range," including a Tesla Inc. Model S and a Tesla Model X, which achieved fewer miles than the estimate, the magazine said. The magazine pitched the Bolt against a Model S 75D, and the Tesla "ran out of juice" at 235 miles. A new Tesla Model S or Model X 100D would likely beat the Bolt, but consumers would have to pay upwards of $100,000 for those models, the magazine said. Overall the Bolt is Consumer Reports' No. 2 recommendation among electric vehicles, behind No. 1 Model S. The GM car got dinged for an "overly squishy" brake-pedal feel, long charging time, choppy ride, and uncomfortable seats. The Bolt tested, a Premier trim, cost Consumer Reports $43.155 and its Tesla $85,670, including the cost to upgrade the car to the 75D.

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