General Mills Says It Will Meet Sodium Reduction Goals In Most Product Categories This Year

General Mills Inc. said it will meet or exceed its sodium reduction goals in seven of 10 product categories by the end of this year. The company pledged to reduce sodium by 20% across more than 350 products, or one-third of its U.S. sales volume. "Taste is the main driver of food purchases -- and we believe making repeated changes to accomplish a series of gradual reductions is the best way to continue to deliver the great taste consumers expect, while also supporting our commitment to the goal of reducing sodium intake in the American diet," said Maha Tahiri, General Mills chief health and wellness officer, in a statement. In some cases, sodium was replaced with additional spices; in others, it was moved to the surface of food so it could be tasted more easily. General Mills shares are up 9.8% this year, well ahead of the 0.8% decline for the S&P 500 over the same period.

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