Gas Prices up 4 Cents to $2.25 a Gallon

OilAssociated Press

The average price of gasoline in the U.S. has risen four cents over the past two weeks to $2.25 a gallon for regular grade.

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 Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday that retailers and refiners have upped their prices in response to a rise in the cost of crude oil.

 Still, the average price per gallon is a dime less than it was a year ago.

 The Lundberg Survey found the average price of midgrade gasoline was $2.53 a gallon while premium was $2.74 a gallon.

 The average price for diesel in Friday's survey was $2.40 a gallon.

 The highest average price for regular gas in the contiguous U.S. was $2.80 in San Francisco. The lowest was $1.91 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.