'Furious 7' Becomes Highest-grossing Sequel In Franchise

Comcast Corp.'s Universal Pictures' "Furious 7," the seventh installment of the "Fast and Furious" franchise, has grossed $800.5 million in worldwide box office sales in its second weekend of release, according to data from box office tracker Rentrak on Sunday. In the U.S., the film grossed $60.6 million this weekend, grossing a total of $252.5 million in just 10 days since its domestic release on April 3. Overseas, it rang in $195 million in sales this weekend. The gross sales so far meant this latest installment is the highest grossing of the street-racing series. Interest in the film has been fueled by the fact that Paul Walker, one of its stars, died in a real-life car accident about halfway through the film's shooting. The movie's producers used body doubles and heavy use of computer graphics imaging to complete the scenes featuring Walker.See related story.

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