French government backs plan to criminalize use of advertising with anorexic models

Associated Press

France's health minister says she supports plans to criminalize the use of advertising with anorexic models in France.

The measure would put France, a world capital of fashion, among countries like Israel and Spain to crack down on the glorification of dangerously thin models.

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Socialist lawmaker Olivier Veran wants to add language to an upcoming health reform bill to make it illegal to employ models deemed to have an eating disorder.

A second would make it a crime to glorify "excessive thinness," which would target pro-anorexia websites. It would be punishable by up to one year in prison and 10,000 euros ($10,575) in fines.

Veran was expected to propose the amendments on Monday, part of an overall health reform bill to be presented in parliament's lower house on March 31.