France urges continuity from Dutchman set to head Eurogroup

French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said on Sunday he hoped his Dutch counterpart Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who is expected to become head of the Eurogroup, would promote Europe with as much commitment as Jean-Claude Juncker did over the past eight years.

Ahead of a meeting of euro zone finance ministers on Monday, Moscovici said that gathering was set to confirm Dijsselbloem as Eurogroup head, where he would be taking over from veteran Juncker of Luxembourg.

"I maintain a request that he spell out his vision of what he expects for Europe. That's the least we should expect - that Mr. Dijsselbloem tell us what he expects and wants," Moscovici said in an interview on TV5 television channel.

The French minister's own name did the rounds in the media at one stage as a possible candidate for the job of Eurogroup chief, a post that involves chairing monthly meetings of finance ministers and representing them internationally.

"It won't be me. I was never a candidate for this post," Moscovici said.

"It will in all likelihood be Mr. Dijsselbloem. That should be endorsed tomorrow."

Moscovici said he hoped the Dutchman would "continue in the tradition of Mr. Juncker", stressing the latter did a good job of taking account of the crucial roles of France and Germany.

On economic growth, Moscovici said the outlook for the euro zone as a whole was "extremely weak" for 2013, which said he hoped would be a transition year before a broader pickup.

"The euro zone as a whole may be in recession. It will not be France's case and I maintain my forecast of 0.8 percent growth (in 2013)," Moscovici said.

He said he hoped France would be able to deliver on President Francois Hollande's objective of reversing an upward trend in unemployment by end-2013, adding: "I know it's ambitious."

(Reporting By Brian Love; Editing by Sophie Hares)