’s Full Year in Review 2010 Coverage


From bankruptcies and mergers to volcanic explosions and oil spills, 2010 was quite a year.  FOX Business looks back at the major events, big names, and unfortunate tragedies that marked the year.

A look at 2010's biggest business deals and most influential policy decisions, from Southwest's acquisition of Airtran to the Fed's QE2. >> Watch

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The most controversial moments in 2010, from Tiger Woods' infidelity to Conan O'Brien's departure from NBC. >> Watch

Some of the top technology trends of 2010, from Apple's iPad launch to the rise of 3D TV and movies. >> Watch

From the sweeping reform of health care, to the GOP takeover of the House, here's a look at the 2010 political year. >> Watch

Remembering the influential names and celebrities who passed away in 2010. >> Watch

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