Ford's revamped Sync infotainment system debuts next year with larger graphics, easier to use

Seven years after its introduction, Ford is revamping its Sync touch screen system to be faster and easier to use.

The system has larger graphics and a lighter screen. It connects to driver's phone applications, responds to conversational commands and automatically dials 911 after a crash.

The new system is made by Panasonic on a QNX operating system. Sync was previously made by Microsoft Corp.

Ford is also ditching the MyFordTouch brand name. It calls the new system Sync3.

Ford Motor Co. was one of the first in the industry with a voice-activated infotainment system, but glitches and a complicated interface hurt quality ratings.

CEO Mark Fields says Ford considered thousands of customer comments as it designed the new system.

Sync3 arrives next year. Ford won't say which vehicle will get it first.