For Prada, classics like top-stitched denim were 'the only new thing possible'

Miuccia Prada apparently does what many of us do when searching for fashion inspiration: She fishes the back of her closet.

"You pick something that is old-fashioned. It is the only new thing," Prada said backstage Sunday after the preview of her menswear looks for next summer.

The collection's foundation was classic denim looks with top-stitching, the only embellishment on very basic looks, worn mostly with simple a blue shirt, for a 1970s vibe.

Prada herself said the title of the collection should be "Prada classics."

"It is kind of conservative, I would say. And I thought that was the only new thing possible," Prada said.

The designer kept the elements simple, from the color palate of blue, brown, dark green and beige, to the clean lines of the jackets, trench coats and blazers. Most looks were finished with a simple, light blue shirt — reflecting the azure waters of the swimming pool with white columns created by Rem Koolhaas' architecture firm at the center of the showroom.

Prada said she also included a sub-collection for women, because she runs out of time rushing to finish the womenswear line to fit in everything she would like. For women, she started with denim skirt- and pant-suits and worked her way through bias-cut plaid and striped day suits to pretty, pleated, dark chiffon party dresses with rhinestone accents along the seams.

Explaining why she went with the classics, Prada said, "maybe, it is a moment in history that requires little silliness and more seriousness."