Flexible Spending Accounts Come With Array of Choices

Associated Press

Health care flexible spending accounts come with a potentially mystifying list of covered items. The numerous choices can prove daunting at the end of the year, as consumers try to spend their account balances before they lose them.

Coverage can vary by employer, but here is a sample of the range of items consumers generally can pay for with an FSA balance and some things that will not be covered.

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— acupuncture for a specific medical condition or disease

— condoms

— guide dog costs

— hypnosis to help quit smoking

— Lamaze childbirth classes

— pregnancy test kits

— reading glasses

— saline solution


— CPR classes

— cosmetic surgery that isn't medically necessary

— health club dues

— insurance premiums

— massages that are not medically necessary

— medical marijuana

— one-a-day vitamins

— marriage counseling

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