Fiat Chrysler wants $150M judgment dismissed in lawsuit over gas tank that led to boy's death

Associated Press

A judge will await more details from attorneys before deciding on a motion to dismiss a $150 million judgment that found Fiat Chrysler Automobiles responsible for the faulty placement of a gas tank that led to the death of a 4-year-old boy.

Chrysler attorneys asked Judge Kevin Chason on Tuesday to dismiss a jury's April verdict altogether or reduce the damages to a total of $5 million: $4 million for a wrongful death and $1 million for pain and suffering. The jury called for $120 million for wrongful death and $30 million in pain and suffering.

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Chrysler called the judgment tainted and excessive.

An attorney for the parents of the victim, Remington Walden, said $40 million for the wrongful death and $10 million for pain and suffering would be fair.