Family of man charged in Maine supermarket killing to set up fund for victim's family

Associated Press

The family of a man charged with fatally stabbing a woman in a supermarket is setting up a fund to support the victim's family.

Police charged Connor MacCalister with killing Wendy Boudreau, a mother of four children, on Aug. 19 at the Saco supermarket in a random attack. MacCalister's cousin Wallace Clark said the family is setting up the fund the help the Boudreau family.

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Clark, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, says his family is "devastated" and its "heart is first and foremost" with the Boudreau family.

"It's awful that a family has to go through this for no reason," Clark said. "This weekend has been emotional. It's been turmoil to say the least. It's no excuse. It should never have happened."

A police affidavit states that MacCalister confessed to the killing and told police he went to the store to kill "several random people." It says he was planning the attack for a month and was angry with life and "off my meds."

Clark said MacCalister, 31, has been reeling in recent years from the loss of close relatives, including his mother, Patricia Hopkins, a year ago. He said he grew up very close with MacCalister, whom he described as quiet but fun as a child. In recent years, the family was concerned that MacCalister was letting his health slip, Clark said.

"It's still a time of grieving, but we're going to come together as a family to start putting it together," he said.

Boudreau's funeral is scheduled for Tuesday in Saco, where she lived. Boudreau, 59, had nine grandchildren and celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary with Jeffrey Boudreau this year.

Members of Boudreau's family declined to comment on Monday.

MacCalister, also of Saco, is being held without bail and has not entered a plea. His attorney, Robert LeBrasseur, said the next step in the case will be the prosecution presenting evidence to a grand jury.

Assistant attorney general Leane Zainea said a bail hearing in the case could be scheduled at MacCalister's request. LeBrasseur said he has not done that.