Factbox: Surge in natural gas pipelines to hit U.S. Northeast


New U.S. pipeline projects in the Marcellus Shale are set to unlock significant reserves of natural gas in the last few months of this year and in 2013.

It is a bearish signal for U.S. gas prices already pressured by oversupply, and extra volumes from the Marcellus - which straddles Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and Ohio - could alter flows across the country.

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Still, the amount of gas flowing along these lines will depend on the appetite of producers willing to hook up new wells to the pipes.

Below is a list of pipeline projects expected to be online at the end of 2012 and in 2013.

PIPELINE PROJECT OPERATOR CAPACITY (million cubic feet per day) STATE STARTUP Inergy Marc 1 Hub Line Inergy Midstream 555 PA Nov 2012 Ellisburg to Craigs Dominion Transmission 150 PA Nov 2012 TETCO Team 2012 Texas Eastern 200 PA Late 2012 Northeast Supply Diversifica-tion Project Tennessee Gas Pipeline 250 PA/NY Nov 2012 Station 230C Project Tennessee Gas Pipeline 320 PA/NY Nov 2012 Line N Expansion National Fuel Gas Supply Corp 150 PA Nov 2012 Northeast Expansion Project Dominion Transmission 200 PA Nov 2012 Northern Access Expansion Project National Fuel Gas Supply Corp 320 PA/NY Late autumn 2012 Marcellus Expansion Phase Equitrans 800 WV/PA Late 2012 Northeast Williams 100 PA/NJ Late 2012 MPP Pipeline Tennessee Gas Pipeline 100 PA 2013 Northeast Supply Transcontin-ental Gas 250 PA 2013 NJ-NY Project Spectra Energy 800 NJ/NY 2013 Sabinsville to Morrisville Dominion Transmission 92 PA 2013 TETCO Team 2013 Expansion Texas Eastern 500 PA 2013 Tioga Area Expansion Dominion Transmission 270 PA 2013 New Jersey to New York Expansion Texas Eastern 800 NJ/NY 2013 Dominion Keystone Pipeline Dominion Transmission 500 PA 2013 Northeast Supply Link Transcontin-ental Gas 250 PA/NJ/NY 2013 Northeast Passage Kinder Morgan/Equitable 1,100 OH/NY 2013 Northeast Upgrade Tennessee Gas Pipeline 636 PA/NJ 2013

(Reporting by Edward McAllister in New York; Editing by Dale Hudson)