Facebook drops privacy bombshell on users

Facebook is untrustworthy, according to security analyst Robert Siciliano, who told FOX Business the Cambridge Analytica data scandal was just the “tip of the iceberg” for the social media giant.

“Facebook just does not care about anybody’s privacy,” he told FOX Business’ Tracee Carrasco on “FBN AM” on Wednesday. “They are a for-profit organization and from the very beginning it’s been all about money and not at all about privacy.”

Facebook has been embroiled in controversy since mid-March after inadvertently allowing political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica to collect data from at least 87 million users, which was then allegedly used to influence the 2016 presidential election.

They are now under fire for sharing information with four Chinese firms, including Huawei, which has been labeled as a national security threat by U.S. intelligence.

But Facebook says this if very different from Cambridge Analytica because information was never sent to Huawei’s server.  However, Siciliano said Facebook has been riddled with leaks and has sold user data for nearly a decade to build products and sell advertising.

“They are allowing these companies – really anybody – to dig as deep as essentially they need or want to, to build their platforms wherever overseas,” he said. “And ultimately that means direct access to our personal identifying information.”