Ex-billionaire submits details on Mexico property sale in last-ditch attempt to appease judge

Ex-billionaire Tim Blixseth says he's complied with a federal judge's order to provide details on a Mexico property sale after earlier delays in giving up the documents landed him briefly in jail.

Blixseth's attorney earlier said his client couldn't produce all the documents to meet a deadline last week from U.S. District Judge Sam Haddon in a lawsuit brought by Blixseth's creditors.

But Blixseth submitted thousands of documents late Friday and over the weekend in a last-ditch effort to avoid further roiling Haddon, who already found him in contempt of court.

Blixseth says in a sworn declaration that bank statements and records he obtained from Mexico show what happened to the $13.8 million from the 2011 sale.

His creditors have until Feb. 20 to respond.

They've suggested Blixseth is trying to hide the proceeds along with other money he took from Montana's elite Yellowstone Club resort.