Ex-Barclays boss Diamond set for $3 million payday

Former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond is set to be paid about 2 million pounds ($3 million) in July, a year after he left the bank following its Libor interest rate rigging scandal.

Diamond is entitled to a year's salary, pension and benefits, which will be paid in a lump sum on July 3, Barclays' annual report released on Friday showed.

Benefits include the use of a company car and chauffeur, private medical insurance, life insurance cover, accommodation while in Britain and tax advice.

They are the same benefits as he received while CEO, and Barclays estimated they will amount to 400,000 pounds. His salary was 1.35 million pounds and he received pension payments of 343,000.

A spokesman for Diamond declined to comment.

Diamond quit last July and waived 20 million pounds of unvested bonuses when he left.

The annual report showed he was paid 1.3 million pounds for 2012, including a tax equalization award of 602,000, to avoid double taxation. He took home about 17 million pounds in 2011, and earned at least 120 million since he joined the board in 2005, according to Manifest, a corporate governance group.

Diamond, who built up Barclays investment bank and was promoted to CEO at the start of 2011, enjoyed high pay packages which were routinely slammed by politicians and the UK media.

Days after leaving following the bank's $450 million fine for rigging Libor, he was accused of misleading a parliamentary inquiry into the scandal. Diamond said that criticism was "unfair and unfounded".

($1 = 0.6645 British pounds)

(Reporting by Steve Slater; Editing by David Cowell)