ETF Boot Camp: Where Money Managers Can Gain ETF Industry Edge

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The exchange traded fund universe is quickly expanding as more managers and even traditional fund providers jump in. With growing interest for ETF options, money managers may look to the upcoming ETF Boot Camp to better understand the ins and outs of the industry and the investment vehicle.

In the upcoming third annual ETF Boot Camp conference, those interested in dipping their toes into ETFs or seasoned veterans hoping to get an update on current affairs can get a better handle on the ETF industry.

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Ahead of the ETF Boot Camp, Joe Anthony, President of Gregory FCA and a panelist on Reaching Investors: Messaging, Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media and More, caught up with Tom Lydon, publisher of ETF Trend, to hear his expectations for the conference.

“Because the ETF landscape is changing all the time, we felt that there was a huge need not to market ETFs, but more importantly to take a microscope and look inside the ecosystem once a year to understand everything that’s going on regarding the regulatory world, trading and liquidity, exchanges, marketing, public relations and new investment ideas,” Lydon told Gregory FCA.

For example, the financial markets have adapted to a post August 24, 2015 world after reviewing rules among the major U.S. exchanges to obviate another mini flash crash event. Moreover, the recent Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule will have a wide-reaching effect on the fund industry, and the ETF industry may have an opportunity to capitalize on the changes.

Consequently, ETF providers both big and small will have to keep in mind these industry changes when stepping out with a new product. We are seeing traditional open-end mutual funds wading into the ETF markets, with recent launches out of fund companies like John Hancock, Fidelity Investments, Legg Mason, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, among others.

“Our expectation is that this will be a big business for us over a long period of time,” Bob Deutsch, head of JPMorgan’s ETF business, told Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, smaller money managers have also turned to boutique or turn-key ETF providers as a way to launch their own targeted strategies in an attempt to quickly gain investor assets through the popular and efficient ETF wrapper.

Money managers who are interested in learning more about the ETF industry and the investment vehicle can attend the in-person third annual ETF Boot Camp in New York on September 29-30. Want 50% off? Sign-up with a colleague and both use promo code “buddy” at checkout.

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