Escalating North Korea rhetoric weighs on stocks

Escalating threats from North Korea are impacting the markets with U.S. stocks down across the board.  Investors are reacting to this new geopolitical catalyst form North Korea as earning season in the U.S. starts to wind down.

Well watch out Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX). Disney (NYSE:DIS) says it will pull its movies from Netflix when it launches its own streaming service in 2019. And before that, it will start an ESPN streaming service for live sporting events.

Bosses are looking to fill more than 6 million positions! That is an all-time high, and it could indicate that companies are struggling to find qualified workers. As for the industries with the most jobs available? Health care and construction.

And keeping up with the Trumps. The president's childhood home in Queens, New York is now for rent on Airbnb, going for about $700 a night!