Entrepreneurs, Not Washington, Can Rebuild America

Rebuilding America. The president tells us we're in a recovery. Ben Bernanke tells us we're in a recovery. But it sure doesn't feel like a recovery.

America feels stuck. And we are stuck. We still have high unemployment and on Thursday we were told that our economy is just limping along at an anemic 1.8%. Every other time we've come out of a deep recession, we pop out of it with gusto....big growth and a lot of new startup companies.

That's where the new jobs come from...from thousands of small, new companies that hire folks who were laid off in the recession. But very few entrepreneurs want to start up a new company in a crazy environment like this. And that's why unemployment stays high.

The president and Nancy Pelosi thought they could stimulate a full recovery by expanding government…by spending money that we didn't have. But that policy has failed so many times in so many places that we knew it wouldn't work, and it hasn't.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke thought he could stimulate a full recovery by printing money to "buy" up government debt. But that was just another bailout of irresponsible behavior. It was like giving an alcoholic beggar a bottle of whisky. It's made the road to recovery longer and much more complicated by sparking inflation.What's needed for a full recovery is to strengthen the underpinnings of what made America great. We need to remove government interference, not expand it.

We need to make the dollar as good as gold again, so that it can be used as solid capital for growth, and not a joke currency that nobody wants to hold. We are not a beggar nation, even if too many politicians and central bank officials act like we are. But let's face it…politicians and central bankers aren't going to rebuild America…entrepreneurs are. The most politicians should do is step back and let loose the power of the American spirit. Individuals who are freed up to start new businesses by less regulation and lower taxes will turn this country back into an engine of growth.

Entrepreneurs know this…entrepreneurs can rebuild America. All they need is to be released..