ECB: President Mario Draghi 'unharmed By Confetti Indicent

The European Central Bank is investigating an incident earlier on Wednesday, when a protester vaulted onto a table where ECB President Mario Draghi was reading prepared remarks and showered him with confetti, briefly disrupting his news conference. The confetti attack happened just after the ECB boss had started his introductory statement and discussed the outlook for medium to long-term inflation expectations. "ECB President Mario Draghi remained unharmed and calmly proceeded with the press conference," the ECB said in a press release Wednesday afternoon. The bank said the activist gained access to the press conference by falsifying her affiliation with a news organization. "Like all visitors to the ECB, she went through an identity check, metal detector and x-ray of her bag, before entering the building," the ECB said. The female protester was immediately removed from the stage while repeatedly shouting "End the ECB dictatorship!"

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