DuPont to contribute to pension plans; some say not enough

DuPont expects to contribute another $230 million to its U.S. pension plan in 2017.

The News Journal of Wilmington ( reports the Delaware-based chemicals company also added $230 million last year. That's the first year it contributed since 2012.

DuPont will also add $95 million into its overseas pension plans, which account for about 20 percent of its pension debt. The company committed $121 million to those funds in 2016.

But some pensioners say the contributions aren't enough to close a pension gap. Securities & Exchange Commission filings show DuPont has a pension obligation of $24.8 billion with $16.6 billion of assets.

Concern among retirees has increased since DuPont announced at the end of 2015 it'll merge with The Dow Chemical Co. and split into three separate, publicly traded companies.


Information from: The News Journal of Wilmington, Del.,